Monday, December 24, 2007


I'll continue with the ride report after Christmas.

Today I was struck by the changes in my life since I started riding again. I hadn't really thought about it until this morning when I was welcoming a new member to the Two Wheel Females forum. My husband and I picked up our new motorcycles in Seattle at the end of June in 2006. Since that moment, my focus has been more and more on riding. I still dream of going on vacation, but instead of soft sand, warm water, and a tropical drink I want an unexplored dirt road and new vistas opening up around the next twisty. I still want to go scuba diving in Belize. I just want to ride the bike to get there. Adventure doesn't mean sea kayaking, it means riding the bike to South America. The sea kayaking at the end of the road is a bonus, not the purpose. Good weather means riding weather, I don't care if it's raining. All that matters is that there isn't ice on the road. I have a new set of friends, a new wardrobe, a new set of dreams. I have made the transition from someone who has a life and also rides a motorcycle to a person who rides a motorcycle and also has a life. Does everyone go through this transition? I don't know. But for me it is like coming out of the chrysalis. I have evolved into what I want to be.

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