Thursday, December 6, 2007

Modification pics

There isn't much to see as far as the radiator cover, or Kouba Link, but the following pic shows the hand guards, black windscreen, and the custom seat. The next pictures show the process Rich's shop went through to make my custom seat. First they took it off the bike and removed the stock cover. Then they had me sit on the seat and drew an outline of my ass with markers. Then they carve away the excess padding and put in more where I needed it. This process requires several "fittings." Once everything is where it should be, they carve out a spot for the gel pad, then cover the whole seat in fabric. Then they individually design a pattern for the leather seat covering, and hand fit it. It takes several hours, but is SO well worth the wait.

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KCDakar said...

Thank you for posting the pics. I will have to keep out an eye for a windshield like yours as I hate the one I have on it now.

Pics are goooood!