Thursday, December 13, 2007

Family Riding

My husband and I have three daughters. The twins are 14, our younger daughter is almost 11. None of them have ever ridden a motorcycle, and all of them want to. Lately we have been discussing the idea of getting each of the twins a small bike, big enough to take on the highway for short distances, but small enough that it would be an easy learning bike for them. We could then go on family rides, as long as our youngest rode behind my husband or I. The difficulty is in choosing a small bike that would work for them. After the new year I think we'll start cruising Craig's List, and the local dealerships.

I like the look of the Mad Ass
but at this point anything small and street legal would do the job.

I love the idea of motorcycle rides with the family. I'd love to see my daughters learn to ride responsibly, and for college a small bike would be efficient and practical transportation. I have friends tell me I'm crazy to want my daughters' first "car" to be a motorcycle of some sort, but I say at least a bike doesn't have a back seat!


SheRidesABeemer said...

But you know better than to listen to friends like that! I can't wait to get my daughter on a bike, but it will have to wait until it's a street place for dirt bikes around here.

KW Boyd said...

I think you daughter is between mine in age. What will make it interesting for us is that the twins are so short that their options will be limited. My younger daughter seems to have picked up a tall gene somewhere, so she'll probably be riding a Beemer while her sisters are still stuck on dirt bikes!