Friday, December 14, 2007

I shop REI

Like many, maybe most motorcycle riders I am always looking for farkles for my bike, clothes that are good for riding in, camping equipment to make the nights more relaxing, etc. I have gotten a lot of stuff online, and at motorcycle shops in whatever city and state I find myself, but I have one place that I keep going back to, REI.

REI is a sporting goods store. Not only is it not a motorcycle shop, it doesn't even have a motorcycle specific section. But it has the coolest stuff. I love wearing microfiber when I ride. I can wash it out wherever I am, hang it up and know that by morning it will be dry. REI has the best selection of microfiber clothes I've found any where. And the best part is they all look good enough to wear out to dinner at the end of the day, an important quality when space is limited. My favorite pants under my riding gear in summer are a pair of REI convertible pants. If it gets too hot I can zip off the legs, then zip them back on to go into town. They are so lightweight that I can swim in the shorts and know they will dry quickly. During the colder months I have a pair of windproof REI pants that add extra warmth. They look so good when I wore them to go to lunch with a friend a while back he asked me why I was so dressed up.

REI also has a great selection of camping equipment, from Jet Boil accessories to tents. They have maps, compasses, thermometers, guidebooks, everything you could ask for to get the gypsy blood flowing. If I have time to kill I love wandering around REI and usually walk out with something I can't live without, that I never even knew I wanted...

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