Thursday, December 20, 2007

Redwoods and Mountain Passes

The next morning when we woke up we realized that our choice of tent sites hadn't been the greatest. It didn't show when the ground was dry, but after a night of downpour, our tent was sitting in a puddle about two inches deep! The good news was the indisputable confirmation that the Big Agnes tent does indeed have a waterproof floor. Not one drop of water got in. We packed up in the rain and headed out to find a road that the former guide had told us would take us through the heart of the redwood forest on a road rarely travelled. It started out as a gravel road, but not long after we got off the pavement the gravel turned to thick gooey mud and big water filled potholes. AWESOME! We had rain gear, so even though our outsides were wet, we stayed warm and dry even as we splashed our way across the worst (best) road I have ever ridden.

When we hit the main road again we turned South and soon put the rain behind us. At Arcada we turned East and rode to Redding for the night. The road from Arcada to Redding crossed the mountains and we got into the first serious cold of the trip. It was just above freezing, and very windy. But the road had some amazing twisties and we had a lot of fun. The only serious downside was that my problem with the bike engine reving up every time I turned the handle bars had gotten much worse. We agreed as we sat in a restaurant in Redding to take my bike to Ozzie's BMW in Chico California the next day.

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Biker Betty said...

Now that is beautiful country. From 6th thru my 1st year of college, I lived just north of Avenue of the Giants called Scotia. Those redwoods are awesome and I loved living there. Seemed all my camping in the area I got rained on, lol. There is lots of fog and rain and the trees love it.

Found you thru Great site you have. I sat on a BMS 650, but it's a tad too high and they couldn't lower it enough for me. I have a cruiser, but the dual makes more sense.

Happy Riding,
Biker Betty