Saturday, December 15, 2007

Summer Day Ride in Alaska

One day in late Summer my husband and I left Anchorage at 10:30 and rode about 125 miles to Seward for lunch.

The mountain in the background of the next pic is Mount Marathon. It is the site of a foot race every 4th of July for people who are in crazy good shape, and are willing to run full out on loose scree.

After lunch we rode over to Exit Glacier.
When we left Exit Glacier it was about 4:00. We decided that there was really no rush to get home, so we continued on toward Cooper Landing, where I wanted to ride Skylak Lake Loop Road. It's a gravel road that runs next to Skylak Lake, one of the prettiest lakes on the Kenai Peninsula.
The weather turned rainy, so we rode the last part of the loop deciding between the loose gravel in the center of the lane, or the mud and water in the tracks. In other words, fun!
We had ridden a little over 350 miles when we pulled into our driveway. What an awesome way to spend a fall day.

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