Sunday, December 16, 2007

Just thinking today

I had to get dressed up today. I was wearing a skirt, and make up, and high heels, the whole deal. As I was waiting for my coffee in the coffee shop I heard the two guys behind me talking about motorcycles. I turned around just enough to see them, and saw that they were both professional looking guys, about mid 30 years old, maybe a little older. One of the guys was saying that he didn't think his wife would agree to him getting a motorcycle, "you know how women are." They both laughed and agreed that if he buys a bike his wife will be furious with him. This went on for a few minutes. Finally I turned around and said maybe if he got his a wife a bike she wouldn't mind him getting one. Both guys looked at me like I'd grown a second head. "She not that type." the guy said.

I got my coffee and walked toward the door. As I walked by the two guys I said I doubted that people thought I was the motorcycle type either. I walked out to the sound of the first guy saying in an incredulous voice "SHE rides motorcycles?"

I couldn't help laughing. Why is it that guys aren't surprised another guy rides regardless of what he looks like, but they are shocked when a woman who doesn't fit the mold rides? If guys can find comfort from feeling the power of the road, and feel energized from completing a technical ride, why do they find it so difficult to understand that women feel the same way. Everyone talks about how different men and women are, and how we don't understand each other. Maybe the problem is that people expect not to understand each other, and they destroy our sameness by their expectations. Maybe the guy should just buy his wife a motorcycle.

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