Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oregon Coast and the Redwoods

Since getting my bike from the expediter I had been noticing that the engine wanted to rev any time I turned the handle bars even a little bit to either side. It made riding through the twisties along the Oregon coast a bit less fun and a bit more of a job than it should have been, but we still had a great time. Shortly after we left Florence we came to the Oregon Dunes. It was a lot of fun riding through the park and seeing the dunes for the first time since I was in junior high.

We crossed into California and headed toward Jedediah State Park. This park was recommended to us by a guy we met at dinner in Florence who used to guide in the area. What a fabulous find. We camped with the redwoods and sequoias around us and the Smith river right behind our campsite. We got there early enough that we walked around and explored for a while before eating dinner and crawling into the tent for an early night. It had started raining, so we didn't mind getting in our sleeping bags and talking over all the day's events.

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Alex G said...

Great blog! I love it. Feels like I'm travelling along with you and you are very good at communicating the freedom to go places. Very nice photos. Thanks for sharing!