Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bike Modifications

I was looking at some of my older pictures today and realized that my bike hardly looks like the same bike. In addition to the less obvious changes like adding a Kouba link that lowered my bike by 3/4 of an inch, I have made some other changes as well. I have different foot pegs, an upgraded radiator guard, and hand guards. I also have a thermometer and rheostat for my Gerbings jacket on the instrument panel. The sticker looks good from the front, but probably isn't noticed by most casual observers of the bike.

The two most visible changes are the Rich's custom seat that I had put on the bike as soon as I picked it up from the dealer, and the most recent addition, a tall black BMW windscreen. Those two additions have been great. As I have said many times before, my Rich's custom seat is the most important reason I love my bike as much as I do. I can ride an 800 mile day and get off the bike with no discomfort in my rear end, and be ready to ride several hundred miles the next day. Not many seats offer that kind of comfort.

Before I got the tall BMW wind screen I had tried a couple different things. The low screen that came on the bike offered no protection from the wind at all. In fact I rode some without a windscreen and couldn't tell the difference. The next screen I tried was a Wunderlich. It was ok, but got broken soon after I got it when something fell on my bike in our garage. Then I had a tall Cee Bailey's. It got broken when the expediting company installed it on my bike after shipping the bike from Anchorage to Seattle. It was brand new, never even out of the box and they tightened it on crooked, causing a crack. I rode with it broken during our Spring 10,000 plus mile ride of the lower 48 states and Canada. It isn't fair to say anything negative about a screen I never used in proper condition, but I was tired of it by the time we got home and replaced it with the tall black BMW windscreen. Finally a screen that cuts down on wind, noise, and buffeting. I am very pleased with how it works, and I LOVE the way it looks.

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