Saturday, November 24, 2007


DAY 7 and 8
The following day we did an easy ride into Whitehorse, Yukon. We rode through a bit of weather, but nothing substantial. We kept meeting people coming from further north who all told us we were heading into some nasty storms and really bad roads. Not having rain liners again became a worry. The weather held for the most part until we got to Whitehorse in mid-afternoon. We explored a bit, took a few pictures, and settled into a fabulous dinner at the Edgewater Hotel. For the first time since we left Seattle my request for red wine was met with a wine list rather than a blank look and comment that they might have a box of red wine in the cooler.
We decided to stay in Whitehorse for an extra day. The following morning we had a leisurely breakfast at the coffee shop across the street. We walked around town and generally just relaxed. After lunch we went on a Yukon River cruise. Again, it was relaxing and beautiful. We had dinner at a restaurant that bills itself as the only authentic Mexican restaurant in the Yukon. I don’t know if they are the only one, but they would have to be the best. The food was unbelievable. After dinner we went to the Frantic Follies, a tourist show featuring cancan dancers, and Robert Service poetry.
After the show we went back to the hotel. The weather still looked threatening so my husband wired my bike so I could use my heated jacket. The wiring harness hadn’t made it into our bags for his jacket. Anyway, it was a simple enough process and one that I was endlessly thankful for the next day.

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