Saturday, November 17, 2007

Around Washington

After getting our custom seats we did a 500 plus mile breakin ride over the Cascades into Eastern Washington down almost to the Oregon border, back across the Cascades, and back to Seattle. Looking back on that ride I am struck by two things, my inexperience kept me from enjoying the ride like I should have, and since when did the Pacific Northwest get so HOT? My bike was too big for me and I was afraid of falling every time we stopped. I had dropped the bike once the first day and hurt my shoulder pretty badly, then dropped it a second time the second day. As long as we were moving I was happy and having fun, but stopping literally terrified me. My husband paid to have a lowering kit rushed to Seattle so I would have a better ride after the breakin service. But, and I'm leaving out a long and furious rant at this point, the lowering kit didn't show up, and we left Seattle headed for Alaska with me riding a bike that I couldn't stop unless I slid off the seat. It wasn't a great beginning.

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