Sunday, November 25, 2007

Riding in the Rain

We left Whitehorse in a rainstorm that lasted the better part of the day. I was warm and cozy with my heated jacket and heated handgrips, even if my pants were wet from the thighs down. At Kluane Lake we ran into miles of road construction that caused the road to be muddy and slick. I was feeling so comfortable though, that I had a great time. In fact, the only thing about the ride I didn’t like, was feeling bad for Bobby, knowing that he was probably freezing cold. We had briefly talked about riding all the way to Anchorage, but by the time we reached Tok, Alaska we were exhausted. We stayed at the same hotel as two gentlemen from Germany who were also riding BMW dual-sports. Bobby and the German guys sat outside on the deck, (the rain had finally stopped), and talked about rides in Alaska and Canada. They were neat guys who had a lot of questions as well as information to share with us about the condition of the road between Tok and Glenallen.
We had called it an evening and were getting ready for bed when the phone in our room rang. That was strange, since no one knew where we were staying. Turns out we had left on the parking lights on my bike, one of the German guys saw it and notified the front desk so my battery wouldn’t run down. Thank goodness for friends!

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