Monday, November 19, 2007

Lilloet to Prince George

The next day, the third of July, we started out not sure where we would end for the night. The weather was perfect. We were back on good pavement, and I was feeling better than I had since we started. We stopped at Marble Creek Canyon campground and took a few pictures. I wished we could stop long enough to play in the water. But we had a schedule to keep.
We made good time, and after a stop and an emotional conversation where we discussed the fact that I felt pressured to ride faster than I wanted to, and my husband admitted he wasn’t enjoying having me on the ride because he was worried about me and felt helpless to assist me, we came to an agreement that I didn’t need help other than getting the bike up. I explained my fear of stopping was impacting my riding at all levels and my husband assured me that he wasn’t embarrassed of me, and that his anger was toward the dealer for not getting us the lowered bike we had requested. His reluctance to walk with me the previous day had been based on his pants being too big, not annoyance with me. After getting all that worked through, we were able to enjoy each other’s company a lot more in addition to the ride.
I hadn’t realized how many issues would need to be resolved to travel together like this. My husband and I have been together almost five years. We’ve traveled together before, in a car. Being on motorcycles, independent of one another, but still needing to stay together created new issues we had to deal with. I found myself more dependent on him than I had ever been, and he found himself having to be more patient, and more trusting of me than he’d had to be before. I think this is the kind of experience that can make a relationship stronger if the couple can talk about and work out solutions to the stresses and problems as they arise. It could destroy a relationship where people allowed pride to over ride their ability to compromise.
We rode into Prince George in the evening not knowing where we would find a motel. We rode around a bit before finally spotting a place. As usual in town, my husband was in the lead. I got stuck at a red light, and as I caught up with him watched him turn the wrong way down a one-way street. I certainly wasn’t going to follow! I drove around the block and met him as he returned looking for me. Eventually we pulled in front of the doors to a nice motel. My husband went in and secured a room while I stayed with the bikes. Turns out they not only had a room available, they also had secured parking for our bikes!

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