Sunday, November 18, 2007


We got a late start from the dealership and decided to call it a night just before we crossed the border into Canada. We got all out paperwork in order, title to the bikes, passports, etc. The next morning, we headed up to the border crossing at Vancouver. We were a little disappointed when the border patrol just waved us through. Vancouver is a beautiful city, but traffic was frightening. My husband almost got taken out by a car merging in from the right lane. From Vancouver we rode to Whistler and along the Sea to Sky Highway. That is an amazing road that I would LOVE to go back and ride now that I am confident on my bike. At that point the tight twisties were more than I could enjoy, and my stopping problems kept me from taking as many pictures as I would have liked. We spent the night in Lilloet, BC. We met our first fellow riders while there. It was a couple from Norway who had rented BMW's to tour Canada for a month. It was one of the high lights of the trip to meet another couple who enjoyed riding. I felt a lot more confident after talking to another female rider who had faced some of the same frustrations I had with her bike and her size. The town itself is like a step back in time. A young girl, maybe 10 years old, checked us into our motel and gave us directions for walking to to dinner that evening, and where we should go for breakfast the next morning. As we walked around the town we noticed the huge pieces of jade and found out the town was originally a mining town, and that some of largest pieces of jade in the world are found there.

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