Friday, March 7, 2008

Memphis to the Ozarks

Day 24

Leaving Memphis we almost immediately crossed into Arkansas. Once again we had perfect riding weather. Storms have been going through and cleaning the air so by the time we get there everything is crisp and clear. This must be the time of year when EVERYONE is mowing the side of the road. The mowers are everywere, and with them the smell of freshly cut grass. I'm loving it!

The morning ride was through flat farmland. Lots of tractors were out working the fields. We stopped for a while to watch crop dusters at work. Bobby mentioned that he'd considered that line of flying at one time. I'm glad he chose something safer. I didn't know these guys are so regularly flying close to power and telephone lines that they have wire cutters on the gear, wings, and prop! That's scary!

By afternoon we were in the Ozarks. This is beautiful country. Rolling hills, tree, lakes - looks like deer heaven. I do NOT want to ride this area at dawn or dusk! We saw a gorgeous lake and pulled over for pics. From there, we spotted a campground where we spent the night. Found out later this is Lake Norfork. Our campground looks out over where a town used to be!

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