Friday, March 21, 2008

First Ride of 2008!

I'll start off with a general apology. I didn't take any pictures of my ride today because the areas that are worth picture taking are still snowed in. One of my absolute favorite rides is along Turnagain arm to Portage Glacier. I read in the paper this morning that they got three feet of snow over the past two or three days. This is only 60 miles or so from Anchorage! So, when the temp broke 36 this afternoon, and Bobby told me he'd bid to stay out the first half of April, I decided I could wait no longer!

It took me a while to maneuver my bike out of the corner we had put it in for the winter, but eventually I worked it out far enough that I could get it off the center stand and ride out of the garage. Our neighborhood still has a few icy spots, but nothing I couldn't handle, then I was on the road!

First I went to the gas station and filled up the bike, and answered a few questions about the bike from an older guy who was gassing up his truck. I could see the envy in his eyes when I topped out at three gallons and waved good-bye. Maybe it was the gas bill for my F650 compared to his Escalade, but I think part of it was envy that I was riding and getting covered in road spray while he was stuck sitting comfortably in a leather interior with climate control.

I didn't go anywhere in particular, just rode around and enjoyed the feeling of freedom after a winter of confinement. The bike ran great. The blue dash was fantastic. And it was nice being able to glance over at my charge guard and see that it warmed up to 38 degrees in some areas. I used my heated grips, but not the jacket. I didn't need it, and though chilly, I had a smile the whole time.

Now it is time to introduce everyone to my new buddy whom I've had since my birthday, but who I didn't want to introduce until he had gone for a ride with me.

Meet Farkle.

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