Saturday, March 15, 2008

Into Kansas City!

Day 25

From the Ozarks to Kansas City is a fun ride. The day started with some frustration, as ants got into our helmets during the night and we had to take the helmets apart to get them out. But once we hit the road, we had nice riding.

We stopped at a McDonalds for a quick breakfast in a town whose name I have forgotten. As we were preparing to leave, a male employee was cleaning the restrooms. He had the giant rolls of toilet paper layed out on one of the tables at the back, and had just finished mopping the floor. Two ladies walked to the back, and asked, "Oh, are they closed?"
He replied, "Do you need to use them?" One of the ladies said, "Yes, badly." The guy said, "Well you can go on then, you can go but you're gonna have to wipe with your shirt cause there ain't no toilet paper. But it's your choice." The two ladies just walked on in. The toilet paper rolls left lying untouched on the table 6 inches away. Bobby turned to me and said, "Tell me I didn't just hear that." We started laughing so hard, we had to wait a few minutes before we were in control enough that we could get our gear on to ride.

In mid-afternoon after a water stop, Bobby's warning light came on indicating he had a headlight problem. We found an internet coffee shop next to an auto supply dealership and I went inside while Bobby walked over to get the bulb so he could fix his light. Without going into the unprintable details, Bobby had trouble getting the bulb replaced. While he was working on it, I pm'd a friend I knew from TwoWheelFemales and asked if she had any route suggestions, or info on a BMW shop in Kansas City. Not only did she offer a great route suggestion, she offered to ride out to meet us and guide us into town!

The ride on Missouri route 7 is fantastic. Lots of scenery, and the road is like a roller coaster ride. We had a ball. My friend, known online as Dakar, met us as planned, and led the way into Kansas City. We got to a Holiday Inn Express, cleaned up, then met her back down at the famous Latte Land. We all went out to a great sushi dinner and spent several hours talking and eating great food. Too Cool!

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