Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Engel's BMW in Kansas City Rocks!

At this point on our tour we figured we have ridden about 5700 miles, and figure we have around 3500 left.

We ended up staying an extra day in Kansas City to deal with some problems with Bobby's bike, he needed a valve adjustment and new rear brake pads in addition to new wheels. Dakar spent the day showing us around town. We visited a museum where a couple families raised a paddlewheeler that sank on the Missouri River before the Civil War. They have preserved everything they found on board and have it on display, including bolts of fabric, shoes, jars of pickles, you name it! We also went back and hung out for a while at Latte Land. Lots of fun there. Interesting crowd. I even got a picture of Dakar giving Bobby a ride back to the motorcycle shop on the back of her bike. That was funny!

Engles BMW in Kansas City has treated us incredibly well. They got Bobby's bike in early on Thursday morning and took care of his problems. When everything was done, they took the bike for a test ride and weren't satisfied with the results because they felt the brake pads were a little too thick. Rather than calling it good enough, the owner of the shop stayed after normal closing time to replace the pads again. We can't thank them enough for going so far beyond normal good service. If/when we are in the market for bikes in the future, we will remember how well we were treated here.

We spent the evening in a little bar/restaurant with a great patio out back, then walked around a bit before saying good bye to Dakar. If I ever learn to ride with her level of style and skill I will know I have really accomplished something. Bobby and I both feel like we made a great friend who is an inspiration to both of us.

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