Friday, April 11, 2008

Back to Spring 2007 Tour

Let's see, where were we? Oh yes. I left off with us in Nebraska.

We left North Platte, Nebraska heading for the badlands of South Dakota. It was a long hot and boring ride, and I was pretty much convinced the badlands were a bad joke someone had been playing on the rest of the country. We were within a mile or two, and the only signs of interesting geography were the road signs claiming to be the "Number 1 Badlands Attraction."

Then there we were. The desolation of this area is amazing. I would have loved to do some exploring on side roads, and some hiking but the temps were just too high. We still got some great views though. Very pretty, and worth the wait. We camped in a KOA campground between the badlands and Mount Rushmore. As we got our camp ready, we watched thunderheads rolling in. We used the tarp to make a waterproof work area where we could use the claimed wi fi.

It longer than it should have to load pictures, so we finally gave up and watched the storm come on.

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