Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tahoe to Death Valley

The forecast was for 1 to 3 inches of snow during the night. When we got up this morning…Nothing! We packed up as quickly as we could and got on the road. It was cold, but mostly sunny. We knew we had a couple high passes to get over, but I didn’t realize how high they were. We took Hwy 50 from South Tahoe into Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and then on until the junction with Hwy 395. The first pass had a top elevation of something over 8000 feet. It was cold, about 28 degrees! We were driving through some of the most beautiful country so far, but I failed to take many pics. I was so cold, I just wanted to get done! After the pass we dropped into Bridgeport, where we stopped for coffee. I was in BAD need of a warm up.

The next several hours we rode mountain roads, rarely dropping below 6000 feet. BRRRRR.... At one point snow was building up on our windshields. Finally we dropped into Lone Pine, and the visitor info station leading to Death Valley. After being reassured that the pass between there and Death Valley wouldn’t be wet or cold, ("This is a desert, that's why it looks like it does out there, and we are in the hot season now." said the condescending park ranger) we set out into rain and wind over the passes into Death Valley. I had my heated grips on all the way, and didn't take off the Gerbings until we got into the valley itself!

Death Valley is beautiful, and we got some pretty nice photos before arriving at Furnace Creek where we camped. As my husband scouted around looking for a spot, I sat and watched a beautiful sunset. Not sure why I didn't get pictures of it. When we pulled in we were pretty concerned. All the regular camping spots seemed to be taken. Then one of the guys who ran the campground waved us into an RV spot. We certainly had plenty of room! The campground is pretty, the night is warm. All that is wrong with this night is a loud drunk old lady in an RV behind us. As it came time for bed I was more than ready.

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