Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lights and Top Case

I'll go back to the ride report tomorrow, but for the moment I'm really excited about my new auxiliary lights and top case. The lights were a Christmas gift, and the top case was a birthday present. My husband has been working on getting all the new toys put on my bike for the past several weeks. I am thrilled with the results, but it makes it even more difficult to sit around and wait for Spring to get out and ride.

The top case is especially important to me. I love photography, but am always worried about my camera on the bike. Now I have a safe place to keep my camera bag and extra lenses so I don't miss shots while I'm out riding. It also gives me a place for some secure storage when I'm out riding alone. My husband has had to put anything we needed secure in his panniers up until now. But since I'm hoping to do at least one multi-day solo ride this summer, this means a lot.

This is my new dash with led lights now that the wind screen is back on.

These are the new auxiliary lights. They should improve not only visibility for me at night, but also my visibility to others.

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