Thursday, February 7, 2008

Denim Springs Louisiana to Natchez, Mississippi

Day 16-19
We rode from Denim Springs, LA to Natchez, MS the following day. It was a short ride, and we didn’t take many photos, but it was a beautiful day. The smell of freshly cut grass and flowers followed us all morning.

Natchez is Bobby’s hometown. We should have taken more pictures of the town, but the family reunion thing got in the way. We drove around the area some, looking at old houses, and Bobby showed me around where he grew up. A lot has changed though, and many of the neighborhoods were rather run down. His old skating rink is gone, replaced by the dreaded condo…

Our trip out to Lake St. John was fabulous. We rode the bikes out early, and spent the day on the water, fishing, swimming, and eating a lot of really great food. On the way back to Bobby’s mom’s house, we took the “scenic” route and played on the bikes for a while on some great Mississippi back roads.

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